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Pitchers mound

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Q: Where the pitcher should stand?
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What does p stand for in baseball?


What is the strip on the pitcher's mound where a pitcher must stand called?

pitching rubber

What place does he stand on pitch?

The pitcher's mound.

What does the 'W' stand for in the pitcher's box score in baseball?


Did the umpire stand behind the pitcher in professional baseball?


What is the strip on the pitchers mound where a pitcher must stand call?


What is a WP in baseball?

It can either stand for Wild Pitch or Winning Pitcher.

What does RP stand for in fantasy baseball?

RP stands for Relief Pitcher.

What does H stand for in pitching stats?

number of hits given up by the pitcher

Can the pitcher stand on the mound without the ball pretending to have the ball in an attempt to get a runner out?


Where should you stand when someone tells you to stand in the paint?

you should stand in the circle in the middle of the basketball field

Can a pitcher stand on the corner of the pitching rubber?

Yes. A pitcher must make contact with the rubber but it may be a toe, a heel, or the entire foot.

Why is there the ALB and NLB?

there are some dissagrements on weather pitcher should bat or not there are some dissagrements on weather pitcher should bat or not

In baseball where do you stand in the batters box?

it depends on if your left handed or right handed and how fast or slow the pitcher is throwing if you are right handed while facing the pitcher you stand on the left side of the batters box. right side if you are left handed. if it is a fast pitcher stand toward the back of the box to give yourself more time to read the pitch and swing at the ball. slower pitcher towards the front of the box if you are bunting stand in the front so if the ball goes straight down it wont hit the plate

What does era stand for on a baseball card?

ERA stands for a pitcher's earned run average.

What should a pitcher do when a catcher misses a ball and the ball rolls towards the fence?

In general, if there are base runners, the pitcher should run to cover home. If there are no runners on, the pitcher can just stay on the mound.

Which of the players on a baseball team stand on the mound?

The pitcher. Also, the 1st baseman will stand on the mound to cut off a throw from the outfield to home plate.

What does BLR stand 4 in countries?

it should stand for belarus

Should stand up be hyphenated?

stand-up guy

Where should you stand when someone swings a golf club?

If you're playing in their group, you should stand a respectful distance behind them. If you're a spectator, you should stand in a designated spectator area.

Can wicketkeeper stand at third slip?

No he should stand behind the stumps.

What is the value of an antique washbasin and pitcher set including mirrored stand with the marking of OJB in the ceramic?


What does the WHIP stand for in the pitcher's box score in baseball?

Walks plus hits per innings pitched.

Softball what is the distance between pitcher and batter?

The distance between the pitcher and the batter should be around 30 feet.

Where do netball they stand?

This should help