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Q: Where should youbegin laying the runner in a hallway.?
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Should i chace katy down the hallway?

You can chase her down the hallway bit it is not a very nice thing to do.

Should kids have longer time in hallway?


After laying down a bunt the batter clearly runs on the infield grass and is not inside the first baseline Is this interference and will he be called out?

This is Interference, but whether the runner is called out depends on what happens. A throw to 1st base where the runner interferes with the play is certainly grounds for them to be called out. Also if the throw to 1st base hits the runner in fair territory, they should be called out for interference. The fielder should throw to 1st base as if the runner were following the rules and running in foul territory. If they choose not to and move to allow the throw to reach 1st base without hitting the runner reaches safely, the umpires are allowed to interpret the rules as though the runner is either out or safe.

Should Landlord pay for common hallway lighting?

A landlord should pay for the common hallway lighting since it is used by all tenants. The landlord can be asked to pay by sending a certified letter from an attorney.

What is the residential building code for width of hallway?

Residential building codes vary substantially from municipality to municipality and should be checked locally, but at minimum a hallway width should be no less than 36 inches.

When should you begin feeding your chickens laying mash?

You should begin feeding your chickens Laying Mash at between 18 and 20 weeks. Laying Mash is a special type of chicken feed.

What size table runner for a 9 foot table?

For a 9 foot table you should get a 10 foot table runner. This will allow a portion of the runner to hang off each side, as it should.

How do you use the word congregate in a sentence?

Students should get to class promptly and not congregate in the hallway.

Should a race still run if a runner is injured during the race?

yes it should, but make sure the runner is removed from the running area

Should you read The Maze Runner or Divergent?

You should read the maze runner instead of divergent.

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What Cardio Equipment should be used by a distance runner?

The Bowflex Tread Climber would be excellent for a runner.