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A goal does not count unless it is shot from inside the 16 yard circle so you should shoot from in the circle.

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Q: Where should a field hockey player shoot from?
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Where should a player's attempt at a goal cage be aimed in field hockey?

Corners. And if the goalie is in one corner, shoot for the other.

Do field hockey players only shoot right?

Not always you mainly try to keep it right or wide

Why is there a curve on a field hockey stick?

it is a better shooting design so you can shoot faster and have better accuracy.

Is field hockey a hard sport to play?

Person 1 Field hockey is just as hard as any sport, it all depends on the amount of dedication you put into it. Person 2 I've played some field hockey and a lot of ice hockey, and I found field hockey much harder. For one thing, it is unfair to those of us who are left shots. Because of the types of sticks in field hockey, we all had to shoot right. Also, a ball on grass is much harder to handle than a puck on ice. I didn't enjoy playing field hockey at all.

What are the rules concerning the ice hockey shoot out?

In the NHL, all available shooters must shoot at least one time before the same player can shoot again. In Olympic hockey, the same shooter can make unlimited attempts after the first three rounds have taken place.

What are the techniques in hockey?

in hockey you need to be able to skate, shoot and pass

How do you do that thing like the 9 year old kid in Boston did in a shoot-out in hockey?

you should practise lots

Is it OK to use an indoor field hockey stick on a regular outdoor field?

It will probably be OK, but if you are a serious field hockey player, you would not use an indoor stick on the turf nor use your turf stick indoors. It is not OK to use an indoor stick outside. When you want to shoot the ball you might break your stick because it is too thin. It is ok cuz there isn't much difference between them.

Why was the hockey puck invented?

The hockey puck was invented so hockey players had something to shoot into the goal.

What is the SO period in ice hockey?

Shoot Out

How do youplay hockey?

you shoot the puck in the net

Should you use a curved hockey stick?

Yes, you should use curved hockey stick as it makes passing, shooting, and stick handling better. There are two types of curves(right and left) and you should chose the stick which corresponds with the way you shoot. If this is your first hockey stick and you don't know which way you shoot yet, then a stick with a non-curved blade will do short-term.

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