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Q: Where should a dash be in this sentence Modern players are much more muscular it's rare to see a lanky player anymore than are player from the past?
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Do modern players get paid more than old players?

Yes they do

How do you demote players in Modern Warfare 2?

By hacking.

Is there computer players in multiplayer for modern warfare 3?


How do you do the javlin glitch in modern warfare 2?

You cant anymore its been patched

Can you host 10th prestige lobbies in Modern Warfare 2 anymore?

No patched

How many online players are in modern warfare 3?


How do you do two players in call of duty modern warfare?

You Cant!

How do you write a sentence with the word modern in it?

Here are some sentences.This is the modern age.She has a very modern kitchen.

How many people can play cod modern warfare reflex?

Two players on one screen. Ten players online.

How does modern warfare 2 match players?

Using different servers.

Can you have 8 players on 2 Xboxes Modern warfare 2?

of cource

When can players preoder modern warfare 3?

You Can preorder at Game Stop