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The apex ball of the rack must be placed on the foot spot on a pool table.

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Q: Where on a pool table do you rack balls?
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What is the difference between a pool table and a billiard table -?

a pool table has balls but billard table has balls to play i would reccommed the pool table

How do you work out what size pool balls do you need?

You can work out what size pool balls you need as it is a third of the circumference of the pocket on your pool table the table

How do you set up a triangle on a pool table?

by using a pool triangle rack

Why does pool table felt shed fibers?

Friction. The movement of the rolling pool balls does no damage to the pool felt. However, the pool balls accumulate pool chalk that is very abrasive. The pool chalk accumulated on the balls and dropping on to the felt both result in tearing of the felt fibers as balls are struck or slide on the table. Occasionally balls bounce or are jumped on the table, resulting in even more damage. Damaged felt is a part of playing pool.

What are the pool table markings called?

There are no pool table markings except the foot spot dot. It is called the rack spot by some people.

What does gravity have to do with the game of pool?

The force of gravity affects how fast a ball travels after it has been hit. Gravity tends to pull the balls towards the center of the pool table when the balls are struck. Gravity tends to pull the balls towards the center of the pool table when the balls are struck.

What are the dials on a pool table for?

The dials are used to count balls for a game of straight pool.

Which end is the foot cushion on a pool table?

The foot of a pool table is the end where the balls are racked. Player breaks from the head.

What is 16B on a PT?

"Sixteen Balls on a Pool Table".

What is Big and Green has four legs and 22 balls?

A pool table

17 b on a p t?

17 balls on a pool table

What is it called when there is three balls in a pool table but no holes?

France Billard

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