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In pickleball the ball must land in the opponents service court . There fore you have a good serve. :)

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Q: Where must the ball land when you serve it in pickleball?
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What are the rules for playing pickleball?

Before serving the ball in pickleball, one must always let the ball bounce once. And when serving the ball the ball must be served diagonally. The first server to start the game is determined by a coin. For more detailed rules and information on pickleball, visit Pickle-Ball website.

Can the ball bounce before the serve in tennis?

no, a serve must be hit from out of the air

What must the receiver wait for during the serve in tennis?

the receiver waits for the server to serve the ball

In tennis on return of the serve the receiver must hit the ball in how many bounces?

The ball must be hit after the first bounce, otherwise the server gets the point.

Why must the ball be visable to opponents before serve in volleyball?

To be able to receive a serve well, a passer must be able to watch the ball immediately when it is served. Imagine trying to pass if you were only able to see the ball once it crossed the net! That would be hard...

Can the ball hit your side of the table after you hit it in ping pong?

No, the only time that the ball can/must hit your side of the table after hitting it, is on a serve. If it is not a serve, then it can not hit your side after hitting it.

What does a serve in volleyball mean?

The serve is the first hit. To serve, the player stands behind the serving line (the line at the back of the court) and must hit the ball over the net without making the ball go out of bounds.

Four things a player or a ball must do in order for a serve to be legal?

The two main things are: ☺Stay behind the serving line. ☺Serve the ball over the net.

What is a jump float serve in volleyball?

A float serve is serving the ball in a way that makes it move so that it is harder to tell where it's going. The ball is harder to track and passers must focus harder to volleyball pass the ball.

How do you hit a slice serve in tennis?

Tennis Slice ServeTo hit a slice serve in tennis you must come around the side of the ball. For a right-hander, your strings must connect and 'brush' around the outer right side of the ball. This brushing means you don't get the power of a flat serve, however it allows a greater angle to be achieved and the ball slides away from your opponent (or into the opponent's body) on contact with the ground. Putting spin on the serve allows you to control the ball better. It is the best serve to use in doubles where getting the ball in play is more important than hitting the hardest serve possible.

What are six rules a player must abide by when serving the ball in volleyball?

That depends on if your serving overhand or underhand... Underhand, 1) You can not drop the ball 2) You must actually serve the ball, not just smack it. 3) You must stand behind the serving line 4) You must not step over the serving line 5) If you miss your serve the other team gets a point 6) The ball CAN hit the top of the net and go over and it will still count. Overhand, 1) If you don't have a good toss you must let the ball touch the ground before you attempt to serve again. 2) You have two chances to serve 3) You must serve behind the serving line 4) You may not step over or on the serving line 5) If you miss your serve the other team gets a point 6) The ball CAN hit the top of the net and go over and it wills till count Good luck Hope that was helpful

The serve must land inside what on the opposite side in badmiton?

opposite front side

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