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You don't need to go to a special school to become a Karate Instructor. Most intructors are picked from the school they train at and instead of just practising there they become instructors too. General the higher ranking students will be picked since their knowledge is greater. You will generaly become an assistant and as you gain more experience you'll start to run drills and start to run classes. Their are other programs that help you though like Black Belt Camp. A "camp" that teachs proper tecnique that will help you greatly with your teaching ability.

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Q: Where must an karate instructor spend three years training?
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Where does a karate instructor has to spend three year at?

There is no general requirement. You have to be at least 3rd Dan (However some dojo also allow 2nd dan) Black belt to become an instructor. For that you have to spend four years in kyu belts and at least 4-5 more years as a black belt. So, you should have 8-9 years experience to become a karate instructor. And note that this is the minimum requirement considering that you are really good in the art of Karate.

Where does a karate instructor have to spend three years?

Be more specific ,... 3 years could be time to train a student to a certain rank ,..... three years could be time studying abroad learning new skills or styles.

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How long does it take to become a karate instructor?

Depends on the type of karate. goju ryu karate (the most commonly taught) takes 3 years to become a black belt. and your an instructor by 4th dan. it could take years to get to that point. My sensei has been doing karate for 40 years and is a 5th dan.AnswerIt depends on your integrity as much as anything, there are many schools operated by instructors who have seen Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles several times and then purchased a bogus dan certificate on is very western to want to know the time line to success but not very realistic. Although most any skill can be learned in 10,000 hours of practice (4 years at 40 hrs a week), that is only for technical competence.A honest teacher from an honest lineage may take several years to learn the physical skills and many more to learn the philosophy. Count on three years to become a black belt (at least) . Then remember that a black belt is just the start of your training, not your graduation as an instructor. Fixating on being an instructor may indicate that you aren't ready.Remember the story of the student who wanted to become a sword master. He asked how long it would take of his trainer and was told "at least 5 years". He replied that he would study very hard, and the instructor upgraded the time to graduate to seven years. The student then said he would eat and breathe training and was told that perhaps it might take ten years or longer.The instructor is the one to tell you when you are ready.And rank is not necessarily a requirement. It is the mental mind set more than anything. I was granted permission to teach at 2nd kyu. There were some Nidan and Sandan that did not have permission and I was told that I was to lead class even if they were there.

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