Where military jets are kept?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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Q: Where military jets are kept?
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Why are military jets so loud?

the real question is.. Why arnt military jets loud

What are airplanes that can carry weapons?

Military aircraft( combat planes/fighter jets/combat jets/fighter aircraft/combat aircraft). Military planes are airplanes that can carry weapons.

Was there ever a military in Saudi Arabia?

There is now-troops, tanks, jets, artillery, military style police.

Can a civil and military aircraft be kept in space?

yes we can keep a civil and military aircraft be kept in space

What can kill a bomber?

A missile launcher, a military navy, and mostly fighter jets.

Do jet planes use the same airports of normal planes for take off and landing?

Commercial jets do. Military jets normally land on military airports/airfields. An example for such an airport is Edwards Air Force Base.

What are the release dates for Best Kept Secrets - 2000 The Military?

Best Kept Secrets - 2000 The Military was released on: USA: 2000

How is engineering and the military related?

The military uses engineers for a lot, they design better tanks, jets, jeeps, missiles, guns, bullets, and so on.

How many jets does the American Air Force have?

The United States Military has enough airpower to eliminate any opposing military in the world in a single mission!

Are military jets easy to hit?

Really?! Use your brain and a good helping of common sense.

What does the company Lear Jets manufacture?

Learjet was founded in the late 1950s by William Powell Lear. The company is an American manufacturer of business jets for both civilian and military use.

What does the US trade that Canada doesn't?

Fighter Jets. Canada shut down it's production of Fighter Jets and other military items as part of their deal to be dominated by and a protectorate of the USA.