Where might you hear term short leg?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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A game of cricket -

it is a position to stand on the field

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Q: Where might you hear term short leg?
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Where might you hear the team short leg?


Where would you hear the term a short leg?


Where might you hear the term 'short leg'?

Demolition, mining, or any job using dynamite. It refers to the method of attaching the wires to an electric blasting cap.

Which hypertonic muscle might result in rotation of the ilium causing a functional short leg?

quadratus lumbarum

How do you find lentgh of sides in a 30 60 90 triangle?

Short leg= hypotenuse/2 hypotenuse= short leg*2 long leg= short leg * the square root of 3

Why is the longer leg longer than the shorter leg if the shorter leg is longer than the longer leg?

Because if the shorter leg was shorter than the longer leg was long, then the longer leg wouldn't be longer than the shorter leg is short. The short leg would be the longer one rather than the long one being the short one.

What are short term affects of Vicodin?

The short term effects of Vicodin are back pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, anxiety, leg restlessness, insomnia, and headaches. There is also panis and restlessness of the mind, and loss of trust from family and friends.

Compare the foreleg and the jumping leg in term of structure and use?

The foreleg is rigid and short which is used for landing and spreading out force. The hind leg is long and springed which allows a lot of potential energy for jumping.

Is break-leg an onomatopoeia?

Depends if you hear it break or not

How can you get more leg room in a Mercedes 560sl?

Cut your leg short.

What is the 30 degree-60 degree right triangle theorem?


What is the relationship between the short leg and the hypotenuse 30-60-90 triangle?

The short leg is equal to one-half of the hypotenuse. ( sin 30 = opposite/hypotenuse = short leg/hypotenuse = 1/2)