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Q: Where many games take place in Olympic?
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How many years after olympic games take place?

after 3 years

Where do most olympic games take place?

Olympic games can take place anywhere in the world. Past Olympic games have been in Atlanta, GA, Russia, Beijing, and Greece.

How many events are taking place at this Olympic Games?

300 events take place in the olympics

How many different sports will take place at the 2012 olympic games?


When and where did the revival of the olympic games take place?


Where will the next olympic games take place?


Where the Olympic games take place?

in london arena

Where did the 1996 olympic games take place?


Why do Olympic games take place?

to celebrate sports

How many times did the Olympic games take place in ancient Greece?

Every 4 years.

How many modern era olympic games have there been?

Although the most recent (2008) games was the 29th Olympiad, only 26 Olympic games have taken place. The Olympic games did not take place in 1916, 1940, or 1944 as scheduled due to the world wars.

Where do the Olympic games take place and which one is first?

Olympic games were initially started in in the city of Athens in 1896