Where is your sister going to college?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Going to Antarctica?

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Q: Where is your sister going to college?
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If you're a 14 year old boy with a 17 year old sister and your sister has the bigger room should you get the bigger room when she goes to college?

Even though i am a girl, you should because if she is going to college she is only going to be there every once in awhile probably holidays and maybe the occasional visit. My sister is leaving this year to go to collage, and i am getting her room, because she is not going to be here very often

What school is waynesburg college's sister school?

there is no sister school

What college did Amelia Earhart's sister go to?

smith college

What college did Marc-Andre Fleury go to?

All of the Staal brothers went to the Thunder Bay Christian School

Did akon has a brother or a sister?

Akon has a sister she goes to college with me

Where did Mother Teresa go to college?

She didn't attend college. She would have become a nun by the time she was going to college and also people of the time did not have enough money to go to college.

How can you get a degree?

well to answer your question it is that you need to go to college you can go to college for anything you want to be or learn. I have a teacher who is 40 years old and she has 5 degrees and is still going to school. Also good luck in college i went to college and it was very unusually even though i spell words wrong i cant type so my sister types i just tell her the words thanks sister does that answer you question hope it did you welcome.

If you are a senior in high school and the guy you like is a freshman in college 3 hours away and you are going to that college next fall is it a good idea to start a relationship now?

Do what you want. I don't think that going to the same college is a good idea though (if that's the ONLY reason why you chose that school). My sister was going to transfer to back to CA and they broke up a few days later...luckily she stayed where she is

Is scotty mccreery going to college?

yes he is going to my cousins college

Is 'my sister and I' the correct form or is it 'my sister and me'?

If it was "please don't bother my sister and ___."It would be me, but if it was "My sister and ___ are going to the movies," it would be I.

Is Selena gomez going to have a baby sister or brother?

Yes, Selena Gomez is going to have a new brother or sister

How do you lie like Emily Osment about going to college?

Emily Osment is studying at college. She has not lied about going to college.