Where is tottenham hotspur soccer club team from?

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North London, England.

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Q: Where is tottenham hotspur soccer club team from?
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What is sold at the Tottenham Hotspur shop?

The Tottenham Hotspur shop is an official apparel retailer for the Tottenham Hotspurs, selling shirts and equipment. The Hotspurs are a football (or soccer) team from Tottenham.

What tottenham hotspur?

Tottenham Hotspur is an English Premiership football team.

What are the team colors of the tottenham soccer team?

Tottenham Hotspur, or Spurs as they are known in the UK wear white shirts and navy blue shorts.

Who is the team doctor for Tottenham Hotspur?

Dr. Shaabaz Mughal is the current doctor at Tottenham Hotspur.

Is luka modric a football team's manager?

No, he is a football player he plays for an English club Tottenham Hotspur

What football team does Rupert grint support?

tottenham hospur

What team does ledley king support?

Tottenham Hotspur

What is the best team in fifa 7?

it is tottenham hotspur.

What footie team does devlin support?

Tottenham Hotspur.

What Football team are there ending in R?

Tottenham Hotspur

What team does David Bowie support?

Tottenham Hotspur.

How was Tottenham Hotspur founded?

In 1882 the Hotspur Football Club was formed by grammar school boys from the bible class at All Hallows Church. They were also members of Hotspur Cricket Club and it is thought that the name Hotspur was associated with Sir Henry Percy (Sir Harry Hotspur) who was "Harry Hotspur" of Shakespeare's Henry IV, part 1, and who lived locally during the 14th century and whose descendants owned land in the neighbourhood. In 1884 the club was renamed Tottenham Hotspur Football and Athletic Club to distinguish itself from another team called London Hotspur.

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