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Momentum Indoor Climbing Gym in Sandy, Utah is the largest Indoor Climbing gym.

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Q: Where is the worlds largest indoor rock climbing place?
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It is as simple as what you are climbing. Wall climbing is an indoor way to learn about climbing, practice, train, socialize, and compete. This is a more modern way to expose people to climbing in a controlled environment. Rock climbing is the original activity. It takes place on real rocks. You can climb whole mountains, single pitches at a cliff or even boulders. Get out there and climb something! :)

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Basic Indoor Rock Climbing Equipment?

Basic climbing gearIndoor Rock Climbing GymsRock climbing is a sport that is normally practiced outdoors, on small rock faces, cliffs, or sheer mountain walls. Often, this means that climbers need to travel some distance to the chosen climbing spot, and the weather must cooperate. Between these rock climbing excursions, climbers turn to indoor climbing walls to hone their skills, try out new moves, and keep fit. A rock climbing gym is also a great place to socialize with other climbers, sharing tips and swapping tales.But climbing gyms aren't just for experienced rock climbers. They are also a place where beginners can learn the basic skills involved in climbing, and where casual climbers can enjoy an occasional outing of exercise, challenge, and fun.Basic Rock Climbing EquipmentTo start learning to rock climb, you'll need the following items:Harness. This has a waist belt and two leg loops. It attaches to the climbing rope and supports you when you fall off the wall, keeping you safe.Locking carabiner. This is a strong metal clip that is used to attach pieces of gear. The lock is a safety feature that keeps it from opening accidentally.Belay device. The belay device is used by your climbing partner to adjust the slack in the rope as you climb, and to hold the rope if you fall. You'll use yours to protect your partner when it's your turn to be the one belaying.Climbing shoes. These are special-purpose, form-fitting shoes with soles designed for maintaining traction on the rock surface.Climbing chalk. Powdered chalk is kept in a bag attached to your harness, for you to dip into to keep your hands dry as you climb, for better grip.Another key element of climbing gear is the rope. The rope used in rock climbing is called dynamic rope, because it's designed to stretch, so that it stops you gradually rather than abruptly when you take a fall on it. When you are climbing at a gym, usually ropes will be provided.

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