Where is the word cup trophy kept?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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Well, if you're talking about the FIFA World Cup, (which you obviously are) the winners usually get to keep the trophy. That would be Spain that won the whole rodeo, so they must get to keep the slab of gold. I'm not sure, but I think they have to give it back for the next world cup. I'm also not sure where the next one will be though. Hope it helped.

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Q: Where is the word cup trophy kept?
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When was the World Cup trophy made?

It was made for the 1974 world cup. as Brazil kept the 1970 trophy.

When the world cup is going on where is the trophy kept?

It is kept in a bank safe.

In what year was the World Cup Trophy renamed to Jules Rimet Trophy?

It was after the the 1970 world cup. As according to the old rule Brazil kept that cup as they won it for the third time.

In what year was the jules rimet trophy replaced by the fifa world cup trophy?

It was in the year 1974, as Brazil kept the other trophy for good.

Did they change the World Cup trophy?

Yes they did it in 1970 , as Brazil won their third world cup and so kept it for good.

What is the French word for a cup?

A cup is 'une tasse' for a cup of coffee, and 'une coupe' for a trophy like the World Cup.

What was the name of the world cup trophy that Brazil kept for good in 1970 after winning it three times?

The Jules Rimet Trophy, it was stolen in 1983 and never recovered.

What is the word cup in Samoan language?

Ipu-ti for a cup for drinking tea, etc. Cup as in trophy is Ipu.

When did they start using the FIFA World cup trophy?

The F.I.F.A s, new world cup came in 1970 , after Brazil won their third world cup, and kept it for good.

Who got to keep the original world cup trophy?

The original world cup, or the Jules Rimmet trophy was a rotating cup with a rule then that a country that wins the world cup for the third time ever can keep it for good. Brazil won their third world cup in 1970.And so kept it.It was later stolen.

How do you ulock tracks in Mario cart Wii?

To unlock the star cup, get a trophy in the mushroom cup and the flower cup. To unlock the special cup get a trophy in the star cup. To unlock the leaf cup, get a trophy in the shell cup and the banana cup. To unlock the lightning cup, get a trophy in the leaf cup.

What is the official name of the World Cup trophy?

The current trophy is called FIFA World Cup Trophy.