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The New England Patriots current home field is Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts

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Q: Where is the patriots home field at?
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Where is the New England Patriots home field?

Foxborough, Massachusetts

What was the pevious name of the patriots home field?

gilletye stadium

What stadium did the New England Patriots play home games in 1961?

Nickerson Field

What is the New England Patriots home field?

The New England Patriots are based in the greater Boston area. They play their home games in the town of Foxborough, Mass at the Gillette Stadium. -Trigger

What stadium did the New England Patriots play home games in 1960?

Boston University Field

Did the Patriots play a home game in RFK stadium?

No. RFK Stadium is in Washington DC, and was the home of the Washington Redskins before it was replaced by Fedex Field.

Why did the patriots win?

The patriots had what the British didn't, the will to fight for what they believe in and some other things were home field advantage, the British had to ship their supplies and soldiers across a vast ocean just to get to them.

Where is the home town of the New England Patriots?

Boston is the home of the New England Patriots!

What is the graphic on the patriots field?

it is a patriot head

What is the name of the patriots field?

Gillette Stadium.

What date did the New England Patriots play their first game at Boston University field?

There is no place called Boston University Field. The BU football field is called Nickerson Field. The New England Patriots never played at Nickerson Field. As the Boston Patriots, the team played at Nickerson Field for 1960 through 1962.

What color is the home jersey for the New England Patriots?

the patriots home jersey color is blue

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