Where is the owners box at fenway?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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The owners' box at Fenway is located directly to the left of the Red Sox dugout at the field level. The box consists of standard Fenway stadium seats, 24 seats in all (3 rows of 8 seats).

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Q: Where is the owners box at fenway?
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Why are yawkeys names in Morse code on scoreboard at fenway park?

They are the former owners.

Where is Box 93 Row SS in Fenway? This is the link to the seating chart of Fenway park.

What kind of grass does Fenway Park have?

The grass at Fenway Park in Boston, MA is comprised of Kentucky Blue Grass. Although, owners and the stadium's ground keepers will be laying down ryegrass for the 2010 season.

Is box b129 of fenway park covered?

Yes, the field is covered with grass.

Info on 2009 renovations on fenway park?

this offseason they are going to be replacing the red seats in the loge, field box, dugout box and the right field roof seats.

How do you get season tickets for the box seats at Fenway park?

This is a good site to get that information:

Which is a better seat in fenway Loge box 163 row EE or section 163 row HH?

row EE

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Why does fenway have an awful smell?

Because it is fenway park

How old is fenway?

Fenway park was built in 1912.

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Are loge box 100 row CC good seats at fenway?

you would be just past the infield along the first base line