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3 - 6

2 - 5

1 - 4


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Q: Where is the number 1 cylinder on a 1985 ford bronco II 6 cylinder?
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What is the number of fuel injectors in a ford bronco full size?

one for every cylinder.

What is the firing order for a 1985 Ford Bronco II 6 cylinder?


Where is number one cylinder in 1985 ford inline six?

# 1 is the front cylinder

Where is the number 1 piston on a 1987 ford bronco?

the cylinder or spark plug that sits farthest foword.gmjim

What is the lug pattern for a 1985 ford bronco?

it is 5x5.5

Cylinder compression Ford bronco 302 1993?

about 12o lbs per cylinder

Is a transmission of a ford bronco compatible to a 1985 Ford Ranger 4x4?

If you are speaking of the full-size Bronco, then no. The automatic in the Bronco was either the E6, AOD, or E4OD, none of which were utilized by the 1985 Ranger. The Ranger used a few different types of Mazda and Mitsubishi transmissions in 1985.

Where can you get a wiring harness for a 1985 ford bronco?

e bay

What alt does a 1985 ford bronco with a 5.8 eng have?


Can you use an alternator from a 1989 Ford Bronco on a 1985 Ford Crown Victoria LTD?


Will a 1985 ford bronco 2 steering column fit a 1989 ford ranger?


Where is number one cylinder on a 1989 Ford Bronco 29 V6?

passenger side front cylinder is 1. left side is 123 driver side is 456

Why 1986 ford bronco crank but no start?

Is there just a gear or a timing chain on a 1985 ford bronco 11 2.8 liter V 6.

Where do you find vin number on a 1973 ford bronco?

Were are all the vin numbers on a 1973 ford bronco

How many fuel filters does a 1985 ford bronco II have?


What kind of gas mileage does a ford bronco 2 get?

I have a 1988 ford bronco 2 with a 2.9 six cylinder with 103,000 miles and still get 22 mpg on the highway.

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1985 Ford Bronco II what side of the thermostat go?

how to replace a thermostat on a bronco 198511

Will a 1985 ford bronco tailgate fit on a 1993 ford bronco Eddie Bauer?

probably not since the 96 is a little narrower than the 85 i would say no

Will 1985 ford bronco 2 doors fit on a 1986 ford bronco 2?

yes just make sure to align everything so it all works properly

No spark and coil is good 1985 ford bronco 2?

most of the time it is the Module.

Why does your 1985 ford bronco wine while im driving?

ok. that's funny

Is there a Ford Bronco III?

No there isn't. The Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco II have not sold very well and The Ford Motor Company is not interested on making a Ford Bronco III because of this situation.

Where is number four cylinder 1997 Ford Escort?

were is number four cylinder 1997 ford escort

Will there be a ford bronco 3?

Probably not because the Ford Bronco and Ford Bronco 2 were not very good by their motor.

What year Ford seats will fit in a 1986 Ford bronco?

1985-1988 ford f150 f250 and f350 or a 1994 f150 f250 and f350

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