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Q: Where is the last nuggets in agent b10 3?
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Where are all the golden nuggets in agent B10 3?

they are all in different places

How do you do mission 10 in agent b10 3?

by you no

Where is all the golden nuggets on agent b10 3?

not in all difrent plases beech , hotel , jewelrey store , bar , gym , carpark , pizzaparler and thats all i no so far

Where is the key on agent b10 3?

Up ur a$$

How do you get the key in agent b10 3?

Two people in the resteraunt have it.

How do you get past mission 4 on agent b10 3?

Keep practicing.

Where is the briefcase on agent b10 3?

go to ur hotel get ur sniper wait for a man with briefcase shoot him.

How do you beat mission 10 in Agent B10 3?

go to yo winddooww and snipe the bad guys

How do you complete mission 9 on Agent B10 3?

go to the room with the safe at the jewwelers and click on the window you can see 2 guys sitting at the restarount from that point and you can shoot them.

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Chicken nuggets are just the leftover bones and scraps left, so it depends on how much meat you leave on.

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