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Wyoming is the highest Div 1A stadium at 7220. Not sure about other divisions.

Western State College of Colorado is the highest collegiate football stadium in the United States at 7750 ft. Western State is D2

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There are three categories of College Football stadiums. 1) Built specifically for a college team. 2) Built for a NFL team and shared with a college team. 3) Built and owned by a municipality but is primarily used by a college team.

1) Carrier Dome, 42, 262, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York (used exclusively by Syracuse University)

2) Louisiana Superdome, 72,968, Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana (shared with NFL's New Orleans Saints)

3) Alamodome, 65,000, University of Texas San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas (shared with the NCAA Alamo Dome Bowl game)

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Western State Colorado University in Gunnison at 7750 ft Adams State University in Alamosa Colorado is second at 7544 ft

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Sanford Stadium (Georgia)

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Q: Where is the largest indoor college football stadium?
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