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there is no set assignment

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Q: Where is the home team dugout located for each major league team?
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How far is it between the bases in Major League baseball?

There are 90 feet between each base in Major League baseball.

What is the goal differential for each team of the Major League Soccer Association?

What is the goal differential for the Major League Soccer Association?

How many bats does a player have in his dugout?

Major League Baseball doesn't have a rule about this, but in each dugout is a box with a little space for every player. It's big enough to hold their helmet, batting gloves and a couple of bats. The players bring many bats to the park, and if someone breaks one an assistant runs down to the clubhouse and fetches a new one for him.

Where home team sit in National League baseball?

There is no official dugout for home teams and/or visiting teams in professional baseball. Each ball park is different with the home team dugout pre-determined. The dugouts are usually connected to the team's locker rooms, which are also pre-determined. In other words, the home team dugout may be on the first base side in some stadiums, or on the third base side in others. In amateur ball, such as Little League, etc., the league rules usually designates which dugout is to be occupied by the designated home team and which will be occupied by the designated visiting team.

How many games do the Major League Baseball players play in a season?

162 games in each Major League Baseball Season

What is the running distance for a home run in Major League and Little League Baseball?

Major League is 360 ft (90 ft between each base). Little League is 240 ft (60 ft between each base).

How many MVPs have there been in Major League Baseball?

There's a MVP each league every year

How many wild card spots are available in major league baseball?

Two, 1 for each league.

How many Major League Baseball teams were there in 1939?

In 1939, both the American League and the National League had eight teams each.

How many baseball games do each team play In the major league?


In Major League Baseball what is the distance between each base?

90 feet

How many Major League Baseball teams were there in 1969?

There were 24 MLB teams in 1969: 12 in each league (American & National), with each league divided into 2 divisions (Eastern & Western) of 6 teams each.

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