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They are allowed to move around 1/3 of the court on the offensive part of the court, including the semi-D^^

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2010-10-19 15:34:46
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Q: Where is the gs allowed in netball?
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In netball has the GS always been allowed out of the shooting circle?

yes it is and has allways been allowed outside the netball circle

What does the gs in netball do?

gs stands for goal shooter They are allowed in the attacking goal third and semi circle. They are the shooters

What two positions are allowed to shoot in netball?

Goal Attack(GA) and Goal Shooter(GS)

When is a player considered to be offside in netball?

When they are offside they are in an area which there position is not allowed. for example GS is not allowed in the centre third. and C is not allowed in the shorting circle...

What two positions are allowed to shoot a goal netball?

goal attack (GA) and goal shooter (GS)

What does gs stand for netball?

Gs stands for goal shot.

What is GS in netball?

GS (stands for goal Shoot) it is an important persecution in netball there is only two goal shooters .The other is GA (stands for goal attack) GS can only stay around one square while GA can go to the center and in the goal the Goalies are the only ones who are allowed in the goal so that is about GA and GS

When the whistle blows to start the game which players are not allowed in the center third in netball court?

The GK and GS from both teams are not allowed to enter the centre third.

What does GK do in netball?

GK stands for goal keeper. It is the GK's job to mark the GS (goal shoot). She must try to intercept when the GS is shooting or if GS passes. They are allowed no closer than 1 metre away from the GS. They are not allowed past the first third and they have to be in the oppositions scoring 'D' during the centre pass.

What are the 7 netball poistions and are they allowed on the pitch?

the 7 positions are GD, GA, GS, GK, WD, WA, C and no they can not yhe pitch

What is the role of the scorer in netball?

GS= goal shooter

Where can GS go on the court on netball?

In the shooting third

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