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Q: Where is the ga state conference being held?
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Dan o' brien won the olympic gold medal for decathlon at the 1996 summer Olympics held in what city and state?


In the song toes by zac brown band he says a long way from ga what does that mean?

"GA" being the state abbreviation for Georgia, where Zac Brown Band is based.

What is Georgia state abbreviation?

The standard two letter abbreviation for the state of Georgia is GA.

Where is the Southeastern Museums Conference Inc in Atlanta Georgia located?

The address of the Southeastern Museums Conference Inc is: Po Box 9003, Atlanta, GA 31106-1003

Where will the Fourth of July fireworks be held at in Macon GA?

They will be held at Lake Tobesofkee and Sandy Beach.

Is gA an escrow state?

No it is not a escrow state.

What is the halfway point between Decatur GA and Alpharetta GA?

13026 State Highway 74, Piedmont, AL 36272

How long is a life sentence in the state of GA?

In the state of Ga, a life sentence is only 30 years.

What is the state GA?


What is the abreveation for state?


What is the meaning of 'GA' in the states of the US?

GA represents the state Georgia.

When was the last time Duke beat GA Tech in football?

November 8, 2003. Duke won 41-17, bringing their season record to a solid 3-7 (1-5 in Conference). Game was held at Duke, before an attendance of 12,976.