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The kicking team's 30 Yard line.

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Q: Where is the football spotted for kickoff to start a college football game?
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What is the start of a football game called?

The kickoff

How does every half of a football game start?

A kickoff.

How does a football game officially start?

A professional football game officially starts with the Kickoff.

In what sport is the term kickoff used?

There are several sport that use a kickoff term as a rule on the game such as Football, Rugby and Soccer. Kickoff usually used at the start of the game.

What a kickoff is and when it occurs during football game?

It is a turnover of the ball from one team to the other at the start of the game, the start of the half, and after any score.

When do the college football playoffs start?

Wow really college football playoffs? They don't have playoffs in college football. In division 2 and 3 they have it but not in a major college football.

When does the fantasy football season start?

September 8 is Kickoff First game Packers vs. Saints.

What yard does the kickoff start at?

In college 30 and NFL 35 used to be 30 but changed to slow injury rate

When does college football fall camp start?

when does football fall practice start

What sports start with a push back?

it depends because American football has hike but football(soccer) in the kickoff the ball has to go back before it goes forward

What are the terms used in football?

There are many terms used in American football. Some include kickoff, punt, pass attempt, sidelines, pass, fumble, false start, and end zone.

When does the college football season start 2012?

The 2011-2012 college football season starts Sept 3.

What is the music played just before the start of a college football game or just before a kickoff?

It varies from team to team as well as what traditions they have for the game. In the SEC the Arkansas Razorbacks for instance all "Call The Hogs" and then for every kickoff they do a shorten "WOOOO PIG SOOIE" call as the ball is sent from endzone to endzone during the kickoffs. At Tennessee they play "Rocky Top" , etc....It just varies on the team.

What year did college football start?


Were do football players live when they first start football?

Well if they're in College then they live in sororities I imagine

When did Tom Brady start playing football?


Do the defense kick punt the ball in the beginning of the game?

Well, it's not called defense. It's called Special Team. Yes, the football game always start with a kickoff.

What time do high school football games usually start?

In Alabama kickoff is at 7:00 PM on Friday nights, but the time might be different in other parts of the country.

What is actual kickoff time for monday night football?

The game is scheduled to start at 8:15 p.m. Eastern. It's preceded by a Monday Night Countdown pregame show.

Where is the football place on a kickoff team?

I assume you mean "Where is the spot of the ball for a kick off at the start of the game or the start of the half, or after a touchdown, or successful field goal attempt?" Standard kick of is at your own 35 yard line. Penalty's from previous plays, or an off sides on the kick off, can be enforced on the kickoff, or re-kick, moving the spot of the ball.

What day does major college bowls start?

On Saturday, December 18, the Humanitarian Bowl, New Mexico Bowl, and New Orleans Bowl kickoff the Bowl season.

When does college football start 2009 season?

September 5th.

College football teams that start with y?

Youngstown state

Who determines the start time of college football games?

The Pirates

How does a ultimate frisbee game start?

A game starts by one team "pulling" the disc, which is similar to a kickoff in American football. Each team stands in their respective end zones and one team throws the disc to the other team to start play. This is done after every point is scored as well.