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Q: Where is the best place to play soccer?
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Where in the world is the best place to play soccer?

Barcelona is the best place to play soccer.

Where is the best place to live to play soccer?

anywhere, u just need a soccer ball, people and some skills

What is the best soccer play?

In my opinion the best play in Soccer is an assist to a goal.

What is the best way to be a soccer player?

To play soccer

What are the best colleges to play soccer?

what are some good soccer colleges?

Where is the best place to find soccer info?

go to Google and type "soccer"

What a soccer ball is used for?

A soccer ball is used to play soccer. Adidas, Puma and Nike make soccer balls. The best soccer balls are FIFA approved.

In what months do people play soccer?

Soccer can be played year round. depending where you live. if you live in a cold place there is indoor soccer. if you live in a warm climate area you can play inside and out.

Who are the best women soccer players who play forward?

marta < --- Brazilian soccer player

When do you play soccer?

OHHHHH in sunny weather is best

What is the best sport the Netherlands play?

Probably soccer

How is the best soccer play in the world?

Prince Menso

Who is best soccer player of Afghanistan?

The best soccer player of Afghanistan is Masroor Jafari. Who currently live in Australia and play for Melbourne Victory.

How is gravity not useful in soccer?

You can't play soccer if there is no gravity in the first place. So, the presumption in the question statement that gravity is not useful in soccer is not valid.

Where is the best place to buy Russian soccer club jerseys?

e best place to buy Russian soccer jerseys is in Moscow, as it has their two big clubs c.S.K Moscow and Sparta Moscow there.

Where is the best place to play in Cairo?

The best place to play in Cairo is the Great Piramid.

What is a place kick in soccer?

well the best place is the lace i gives lots of impack

What position does best soccer player play?

center mid

What is the best formation to play with an under 13 soccer team?

the best formation is to consult the team and ask them where they would like to play

What is the best soccer shoe?

There are many quality soccer boots currently available, but when i used to play soccer myself the addidas predator boot was consider the best. I believe that this boot is still regarded the best by many soccer players. Although I doubt that there is a great discrepancy between soccer boots and it is simply a personal preference.

Why did Ochoa play soccer?

he wants to play soccer because he likes to play soccer.

Why Cristiano Ronaldo like soccer?

because he is the best player living and that he has always been wanting to play soccer/football

Can you play soccer with kidney stones?

Maybe - but its best to use a ball.

How do you play pro soccer?

My guess is that you play pro soccer the same way as you play youth soccer or travel soccer.

What Ohio stores sells soccer gear?

The best place to find soccer gear in Ohio is a store called 'Play it again sports' which has a wide selection. You could also try a nearby mall if you require more choice than they have in stock.