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I used to live in NJ. I adopted two wonderful cats from North Bergen Animal Refuge in Ramsey, NJ off of RT 287. I adopted a kitten from Feral to Friendly Felines on route 22 in Phillipsburg, NJ (near Walmart). I bought a Sheltie puppy from Scuffy's Pet Store in Wayne, NJ in the Preakness Shopping Center. I reccommend all of these facilities because my animals were healthy and stable and well-taken-care-of. I also found these numbers for you on the internet, I'm sorry I can not vouch for any of them. Maybe try calling the Waggin' Tail Kennel in Budd Lake, NJ, maybe they can reccommend a shelter 973-691-0442. I lived down the road from them and they seemed like a decent, respectable place. Hopatcong Animal Haven Tel:(201) 398-1305 Hopatcong Dog Pound Tel:(973) 398-0550 Hopatcong Hoppers Bunny Haven Tel:(973) 770-0284 BARKS (Byram Animal Rescue Kindness) Tel:(973) 300-3185 Vernon Township Animal Shelter Tel:(973) 764-7751 If you are looking for a puppy PUPS Inc in Hopatcong is awesome. I got my dog from them and he is not only the healthiest animal I have ever had, he is also the most well adjusted. What they do is the rescue pregnant females from kill shelters then foster them. The pups are all healthy and you know their entir elife history as they are born in the foster home. The Mom's are adoptable too! You can also look on for additional shelters.

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Q: Where is the best animal shelter in Hopatcong New Jersey?
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it depends what can of cat u r gonna get

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The Best Friends Animal Society is located on 5001 Angel Canyon Road, Kanab Utah, 84741 USA. The provide shelter for lost and abused animals especially cats and dogs.

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