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inside of the matterhorn

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Q: Where is the basketball court located in Disneyland?
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Why is there a basketball court in the top on matterhorn at Disneyland?

why is there a basketball court in the top of the matterhorn

Is there a Basketball court on the matterhorn in Disneyland?

No, but the room that it is rumured to be in is real though

What sport can be played on the matterhorn of Disneyland?

Basketball, because there is a half court for playing.

What is goofy's favorite sport from Disneyland?


Is it a basketball court or a basketball pitch?

The correct name for it is A basketball court.

Where is the Disneyland in US?

Disneyland is located in Anaheim California

Where is Disneyland in Europe?

Disneyland in Europe is located in Paris, Europe. It is known as Disneyland Paris.

What do you call where you play basketball?

Basketball players.

Is Disneyland in Anaheim?

Yes. Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California.

What part of california is Disneyland in?

Disneyland is located in Anaheim, Calif.

What is basketball field called?

A common name for a basketball ground would be a basketball court.

Where is Disneyland located in california what city?

Disneyland Park (Disneyland) is located in Anaheim, California. Adjacent to it is a separate theme park, Disney California Adventure.