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The Base Line is the Line that ends the doubles alleys. it is the line that is farthest from the net

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2007-11-19 02:26:55
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Q: Where is the base line on a tennis court?
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Size of a tennis court base line to base line?

23.78 metres in length.

What is the name of the line at the back of the court of tennis called?

The Base Line. :)

Name tennis court boundaries?

The boundries of tennis are, in singles play, the inner court line. In doubles play, the boundries are the outer line. The line that someone serves behind is the base line.

Where on a tennis court does the play start from?

it starts after the person serves which is on the base line

What line do you stand on when serve in tennis?

You stand behind the white line at the back of the court. This is known as the base line.

What is the distance between the net and the base line on a tennis court?

about five or six miles

How long is a tennis court from base line to base line?

From one baseline to the other, a tennis court is 78 feet long exactly (23. 78 meters). In terms of width, it is exactly 36 feet wide (10. 97 meters).

What are the names of the lines of a tennis court?

On a tennis court there are five lines. The line all the way at the back is the base line, the one in the front is the service line, the line making the T shape is the center service line, the first line on the left or right is the ally line, and the second line on the left or right is the side line.

Where is baseline on tennis court?

It is the line at the back of the tennis court that is parallel to the service line and in between the two singles sidelines.

What is the different between Short cort tennis and real tennis?

short court is from the servace line up and real is base line up NO IT IS THAT ONE IS HARDER AND ONE IS EASIER Ak Squar OUT!

Where is the singles side line on a tennis court?

in the middle of the court.

What are the parts of a tennis court?

well i think there is the Base line the ally the tea the tea boxes net i play tennis and for some reason i am trying to break a world record for tennis ball

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