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The American football-playing branch of the Wisconsin Badgers collegiate team play at the Camp Randall Stadium, in Madison, Wisconsin.

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2012-02-03 19:20:47
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Q: Where is the Wisconsin Badgers football stadium?
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Where is the football team known as Badgers located?

The football team known as the Badgers is located in Madison, Wisconsin, as in the University of Wisconsin Badgers. They play their games at Camp Randall stadium.

When was Wisconsin Badgers football created?

Wisconsin Badgers football was created in 1889.

What is the address to Camp Randall Stadium?

The Camp Randall Stadium is the Wisconsin Badgers football team home stadium. It was completed in the year 1917. The address to the stadium is 1440 Monroe Street, Madison, Wisconsin.

How many College Football National Championships do the Wisconsin Badgers have?

The University of Wisconsin Badgers do not have any national championships in football.

Which football teams play in Wisconsin?

The football team that plays in Wisconsin is known as The Wisconsin Badgers. Wisconsin does not have a football team in the National Football League.

Where did Wisconsin troops train during the Civil War?

Wisconsin regiments trained in Camp Randall, in Madison, WI. It later served as a POW camp for captured Confederates. The football stadium the Wisconsin Badgers use is called Camp Randall Stadium to this day.

How many wins do the Wisconsin football Badgers have in 2010?

the badgers won 11 games this year.

Who Has The Best Offense Line In College Football?

Wisconsin Badgers

What Football teams have red and white stripy badges?

Wisconsin badgers

Does the Wisconsin badgers football team have a mascot?

Yes Bucky the badger.

Which team plays at Camp Randall Stadium?

Camp Randall Stadium has been the home of the Wisconsin Badgers football team since 1895. They wear a red and white uniform that supports their red "W" logo on the helmet.

Where can one purchase a football with a picture of a badger on it?

One can purchase a football with a picture of a badger on it by going to the University of Wisconsin. They're football team is the University of Wisconsin Badgers.

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