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The White Sox stadium is located in the city of Chicago. The city of Chicago is located in the state of Illinois, which can be found in the United States.

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Q: Where is the White Sox stadium located?
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What stadium is bigger the White Sox or cubs?

The Cubs stadium, Wrigley Field is about 1,000 seats bigger than the White Sox stadium, U.S. Cellular Field.

What is the name of White Sox stadium in 1930s?

In the 1930s, the White Sox played their home games at Comiskey Park.

Name of sox stadium?

The White Sox play at U.S. Cellular Field and The Red Sox play at Fenway.

What side of Chicago is the White Sox stadium on?

The South side of Chicago.

What team is the AAA affiliate of the Chicago White Sox?

The Charlotte Knights are the AAA affiliates of the Chicago White Sox. They are part of the International League and play at Knights Stadium located in Fort Mill, South Carolina (a suburb of Charlotte).

Which professional teams play its home games in cities located on an ocean White Sox dodgers indians?

Of the Chicago White Sox, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Cleveland Indians, the Los Angeles Dodgers, who play their home games at Dodger Stadium, located in Los Angeles, California, are the team that play in city located nearest to an ocean.

What was the former name of the stadium the Chicago White Sox played in?

Between the 1910 and 1990, the home of the Chicago White Sox was named Comiskey Park. The stadium built that the White Sox moved into in 1991 was named Comiskey Park II. It's name was officially changed to U.S. Cellular Field in for the 2004 season.

When was the last time the White Sox swept a four game series in Yankee stadium?

In 2000.

Wher is white hart lane stadium located?

White Hart Lane Stadium is located at 748 High Rd, Tottenham, London N17 0AP, United Kingdom.

Where can one find White Sox tickets?

There are many locations that one can find White Sox tickets. They can be purchased through the teams website, Ticketmaster and Stub Hub. They can also be found at the stadium.

What was the old Chicago White Sox stadium called?

Prior to U.S. Cellular Field (1991-present), the Chicago White Sox used to play their home games at Comiskey Park(1910-1990).

Where do the Chicago White Sox hold spring training?

Tucson Electric Park is the the spring training home for the Chicago White Sox. However, if allowed to leave or sublet the stadium, the Sox will share a facility with the Los Angeles Dodgers in Glendale, AZ beginning in 2009.

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