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In Treviso, near Venice.

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Q: Where is the Nordica ski factory headquarters in Italy?
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What products does the company Nordica sell?

Nordica primarily sells skiing equipment and gear, including skis, boots, bindings, and poles. They also offer ski apparel such as jackets, pants, and accessories like gloves and hats.

Where can one purchase Nordica skis?

One can purchase Nordica skis from online stores such as the website Evo, Snowinn, Ski Outdoor Shop, Nodica Canada, Colorado Ski Shop and the bidding website eBay.

Where are lange ski boots made factory location?

At Montebelluna, near to Venezia, Italy

Ski town in Switzerland that is close to Italy?

Zermatt. Its ski area is shared between Switzerland and Italy.

Where to go to ski in Italy?

to the mountains!

Big name in skis and snowboards?

Burton for Snowboards. K2, atomic, salomon, rossignol, fischer, volkl, elan, nordica and dynistar are some popular ski brands. Some do snowboards as well.

Where is the Cervinia Ski Resort located?

The Cervinia Ski Resort is located in Italy. It is located in the Italian Alps, and is approximately 2 hours away from Turin, Italy. It is a popular ski destination for Europeans.

Do the people in Italy like to water ski?


What are the types of brands available to purchase from Christy Sports?

Christy Sports is a ski and snowboard shop. They sell many different brands such as Nordica, Tecnica, Atomic, Lange, and Salomon, Lib Tech, Burton, and many more.

Who is the manufacturer of Techno skis made in Italy?

Ski Trab?

How do you find the secret agent headquarters on club penguin during a puffle party on club penguin?

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What does the ski patrol do in Club Penguin?

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