Where is the LSU stadium?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Tiger Stadium is the home field of Louisiana State University American football team. With a seating capacity of 92,400

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Q: Where is the LSU stadium?
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What is the capacity of the LSU stadium Baton Rouge?


When did LSU first play in Alex Box Stadium?

Alex Box Stadium opened in 2009. The LSU Tigers college baseball team played their first game at the new stadium on February 20, 2009.

Which LSU campus is the football stadium on?

The one in Baton Rouge.

What is the name of the LSU's basketball team's stadium?

They play their home games in Tiger Stadium, which holds 92,400 people.

Better known as Death Valley which SEC team plays its home games at Tiger Stadium?


Where does LSU play football games?

Tiger Stadium Baton Rouge, LA. It is also known as "Death Valley".

How many D1 football stadiums have H-Shaped goalposts?

A. Yes I only know one stadium and that is LSU

What is a good sports college?

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How many times has LSU won the SEC Championship?

The LSU baseball team has won five national championships since 1991. The team participates in the West division of the SEC (Southeastern Conference)and they are currently coached byPaul Mainierii. They play home games in the new Alex Box Stadium.

Does Clemson or LSU have the original Death Valley?

Although LSU's Tiger Stadium was constructed nearly 20 years earlier, the "Death Valley" nickname was first applied to Clemson's Memorial Stadium in reference to Howard's Rock, which was plucked for the dessert sands of the actual Death Valley in California. LSU's use of the nickname came along quite by accident. In a tongue-in-cheek reference to Clemson Memorial's nickname, LSU supporters began referring to their stadium as "Deaf Valley", due to the magnificent volume levels produced within. Unfortunately, this creativity was lost on television commentators, newspaper men, and, yep, a lot of us football fans alike, and after years of incorrectly referring to both as "Death Valley", the nickname stuck in Baton Rouge as well. For more information, visit the Related Link.

Which is a better school LSU or Arkansas?


Who has the most win between lsu and uga?