Where is the GAA club in Dunmanway?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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It is known as Doheny's GAA club and their pitch is known as Sam Maguire Park. It is in Underhill, which is south of Dunmanway on Prospect Grove.

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Q: Where is the GAA club in Dunmanway?
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What is Dunmanway's population?

The population of Dunmanway is 2,377.

When was Kenmare Shamrocks GAA Club created?

Kenmare Shamrocks GAA Club was created in 1888.

When was Dunmanway created?

Dunmanway was created on 1693-11-23.

Where is Brownstown GAA pitch?

Brownstown GAA club is on the N52 in county Westmeath. It is between Kells and Mullingar. The address is: Brownstown GAA Club Delvin, Acherstown, Co. Westmeath.

When did Dunmanway killings happen?

Dunmanway killings happened on 1922-04-28.

When was Mountmellick GAA created?

Miltown Malbay GAA Club was created in 1892.

When was Ballinahinch GAA formed?

Ballinahinch GAA Club in county Tipperary was founded in 1886.

When was Ballinahinchi GAA formed?

Ballinahinch GAA Club was founded in 1886 on th 1st of november.

Who is the youngest GAA Club in Ireland?


Why did the founders of the GAA want to set up a club like the GAA?

To promote Irish sports and culture.

How do you get from Dublin to Dunmanway?

From Dublin you could get to Cork by road, rail or air. Having got to Cork, you can then get a bus to Dunmanway.

Who is the chairman of milltown castlemaine GAA club?

Brendan Twiss.