Where is the Expo 67?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Expo '67 no longer exists unfortunately. It was held in 1967 on Notre Dame island and Ste-Helene island which were man-made islands between the island of Montreal (Canada) and the south shore and as the years went by more and more pavillons were being demolished and Man and his World as it was called then closed its doors in the 80s. There were pavillons from many different countries and some are still standing, mainly the France and Quebec pavillons (on Notre-Dame island) which host the Montreal Casino, the United States pavillon which is now called the Biosphere and is an environmental museum (on Ste-Helene island) and of course LaRonde the amusement park (on Ste-Helene island) now a Six-Flags amusement park.

If you're interested in what Expo '67 looked like and see pictures :

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Q: Where is the Expo 67?
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