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the line of scrimmage

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Q: Where is the Dead ball line in football?
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In football the ball is dead when?

A ball is considered dead when it goes out of bounds or is fumbled.

When is the ball considered dead in football?

A ball is considered dead when it goes out of bounds or is fumbled.

How do you calculate football punting distance?

From the line of scrimmage to the spot where the ball is touched dead or where the returner starts his return.

If a football is on the out of bounds line is it in or out of bounds?

In association football, the ball must completely pass over the line: on is in.In American football and rugby football, any contact with the line makes the ball or player out of play: on is out.

When is the ball dead in a football game?

When the ball is thrown and it hits the ground it's dead. Or if the runner loses the ball after his knee is down the ball is dead. And in cases where flags are thrown the ball and the play is dead.

In American football what is the name of the line between the two teams on which the ball is placed?

The line on which the ball is placed, before the snap, in American football is know as "The Line of Scrimmage"

What is the spot from which the ball is hiked in football?

The line of scrimmage.

Where do offensive line football players line up?

On the line of scrimmage, where the ball is spotted.

What do dead-ball sitution mean?

it is a skill in football if you play football you have dead-ball skill.and if you do a head attack also do a spring attack in a football match.a spring attack is when you roll and you kick it high.

What is the line of scrimmage in football?

When the ball carrier is tackled and does not pass ball to teammate or the ball is out of bounds, the play is called a scrum, and the yard line where the last play was downed is called the line of scrimmage. -----In American football, draw a line from sideline to sideline where the ball is put into play on each down and that is the line of scrimmage.

Distance for point after touchdown from the goal line in football?

The ball is placed at the 2 yard line in the NFL and the 3 yard line in college football.

What does the center do in football?

Controlls the line of scrimage and hikes the ball to the quarterback

What is the rule for placing the football after a tackle?

The ball is placed at the point of the fartherest advance of the ball when the ball was declared dead. As an exmple if a player touches his knee down the ball will be placed where the fartherest point of the ball was when the knee touched down. This may or may not be where his knee touched down. The ball will be placed perpendicular to the line of scrimmge with the fartherest point of the ball at the point where the player had the ball when it was declared dead.

How many yards or you penalized for a dead ball personal foul in football?


Where is the ball spotted if the kick is blocked and falls beyond the line of scrimmage?

Assuming the ball is not returned and rolls dead in the field of play, it depends: High school: The ball is spotted where it rolls dead. College: The ball is spotted at the previous line of scrimmage or at the 20-yard line. NFL: The ball is spotted at the spot of the kick or at the 20-yard line.

Where does the team line up for the point after in football?

In the NFL, the ball is placed at the two yard line for the PAT. In college, the ball is placed at the three yard line for the PAT.

What is the scrimmage line in football?

Its were the ball is placed before each play. If the ball has traveled the line moves. Also only so many eligible Receivers can be on the line.

In football if a ball carriers touches the ground with the ball is it a dead ball?

no, it is not a dead ball (otherwise you wouldn't be able to pick up a ball off of the ground on a kickoff or punt). The ball carrier has to touch a knee or elbow to be ruled down.

Does the football have to cross the plane of the goal line to be a touchdown?

The football need only "break the plane of the goal line". If any part of the ball crosses the goalline, it's a touchdown. The entire ball does not have to cross.

What does it mean if you catch the football and your foot is on the out of bounds line?

play on the whole of the ball must cross the line

When did they reference Red zone in football?

when the ball is on the oppenents 20 yard line-oppentents goal line

What are the basic rules in football?

throw the ball to your teamate cross he line then celebrate

What is out of bounds in football?

Out Of Bounds is when the ball carrier's footsteps on the white line on the sides.

Does the whole of the ball have to be across the whole of the line in football?

no all it has to do is break the plain

When is a goal scored in a football match?

A goal is scored when the ball passes the line!