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they buried him in the ballpark in KC

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Q: Where is the A's Harvey the mechanical rabbit?
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What is the name of the invisible rabbit in the movie Harvey?

The name of the rabbit is Harvey.

What is the Name of the invisible rabbit jimmy Stewart imagines he sees in the movie of the same name?

The name of the invisible rabbit Jimmy Stewart imagines he sees in the movie is Harvey.

What movie was made in 1950 and has a six foot rabbit?


A famous rabbit's name?

Bugs Bunny. ROGER Harvey tom

What is the 1950 movie Harvey about?

This 1950 movie Harvey is about a man whose best friend in a form of a invisible rabbit. The movie Harvey starred with James Stewart and Josephine Hull.

In 1950's Harvey what does Jimmy Stewart see that no one else can?


What song is best for when your in love with your best friend?

'Harvey and Rabbit' advert song

Who plays the main character who's best friend is an invisible rabbit in the movie Harvey?

James Stewart

How do you put converging in a sentence?

Worlds are converging!The greyhounds seem to think that they are converging on the mechanical rabbit.

What do greyhounds hunt?

A mechanical thing on a track in the middle often designed to look like a rabbit.

What is the term used for what greyhounds chase after in a race?

The mechanical rabbit or object the hounds change after is called a lure.

Why your boyfriend dreamed of talking to a rabbit?

The dream appears to be drawing images from Alice in Wonderland, or less likely, from some other movie such as Harvey. The White Rabbit in Alice ushered the lead character from the realm of reality into the realm of fantasy. A dream of talking with a rabbit could suggest a similar shift from one realm toward a different reality.