Where is the 2015 Willie picnic going to be held?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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The 2015 Willie picnic is going to be held at the Whitewater On The Horseshoe, New Braunfels,TX

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Q: Where is the 2015 Willie picnic going to be held?
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Any information about Willie Nelson picnic poster 1984 at Carl's Corner with Willie depicted as Uncle Sam by Danny Garrett?

The Willie Nelson Fourth of July Picnic at Carl's Corner was in 1987. The 1984 Picnic was at Southpark Meadows in Austin, Texas (where the venue once stood is now a giant shopping complex). However, both picnics — as well as the 1985 and 1983 picnics — featured the "Uncle Willie" design by Danny Garrett. An early version of the design was on the 1978 poster by Danny Garrett. That "picnic" was held at the Austin Opera House during a hiatus from the large, outdoor events. The 1983 poster for a trio of "picnics" on July 3-5 across the East Coast featured the Uncle Willie design. That design was used again for the 1984 and 1985 Picnics … both at Southpark Meadows. And it was used a final time for the 1987 Carl's Corner picnic.

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