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Prudential Center in Newark

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Q: Where is the 2012 NBA draft being held?
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When was the 2013 NBA Draft?

The 2013 NBA Draft was held on Thursday, June 27th.

Where does the NBA mock draft 2013 take place?

The NBA 2013 Mock Draft takes place throughout the course of the NBA season. It is not a real draft but rather consists of a compilation of college players listed as to where sports analysts predict which NBA team will recruit when the official NBA Draft is held.

When does the nba draft happen this year?

On June 26 2012

Is Austin rivers entering the nba draft 2012?


When is the 2011 NBA draft?

June 23,2011 which will be held in Newark, New Jersey

When will the 2010 NBA Draft start?

The draft will be held on Thursday, June 24, beginning at 7 p.m. EDT on ESPN.

What school has the most first round NBA draft picks?

The University of Southern California with 77 overall first round draft picks as of the 2012 draft.

Where will the 2012 NBA all-star game be played?

The 2012 NBA All Star Game will be held at the new Amway Center in Orlando

Did kwahi Leonard play in the NBA in 2012?

Yes. Leonard was selected with the 15th overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft by the Indiana Pacers.

Where will the 2012 and 2013 nba all star games held?

2012: orlando. 2013: undecided.

When was NBA Draft Lottery created?

NBA Draft Lottery was created in 1985.

Who did the wizards pick for the 2012 nba draft?

Bradley Beal (Florida) and Tomas Satoransky (Czech Republic)