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It is at Houston, Texas

The Roster will probably be:

West Starters:

G-Chris Paul

G-Kobe Bryant

F-Kevin Durant

F-Blake Griffin

C-DeAndre Jordan

West Backups:

G-Russell West Brook

G-Stephen Curry

G-Deron Williams (He'll probably play for Dallas)

F-Kevin Love

F-LaMarcus Aldridge

F-Dirk Nowitzki

C-Andrew Bynum

East Starters:

G-Derrick Rose

G-Dwayne Wade

F-LeBron James

F-Chris Bosh

C-Dwight Howard

East Backups:

G-Joe Johnson

G-Rajon Rondo

G-Brandon Jennings or John Wall

F-Carmelo Anthony

F-Amar'e Stoudemire (if he gets out of his slump)

F-Loul Deng

C-Andrew Bogut

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The 2011 NBA all star game was held in Los Angeles. It was co-hosted by the LA Clippers and LA Lakers.

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Houston, Texas

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Q: Where is the 2011 nba all-star game going to be?
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