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Summer Olympics will take place until 2012 in London. There will be no Olympics in 2010 since they only take place every four years. The Summer and Winter Olympics are held once every four years with a two year alternating gap between the two. The next Summer Olympics are in London, Great Britain, in 2012. The next Winter Olympics in 2010 are in Vancouver, Canada.

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Q: Where is the 2010 summer olyimpics?
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Do the summer Olympics occur every 4 years?

yes the summer olyimpics do occer every 4 years and so do the winter olyimpics they olternatethe summer olyimpics occur every 4 years, the same as the winter olympics, but the winter olyimpics happen 2 years after the summer olyimpics, and 2 years after the winter olyimpics are the summer olympics again, and it repeats

How many years between each summer olyimpics?

the summer olyimpics occur every 2 years

Is volleyball in the olyimpics?

yes beach volley ball is in the summer olyimpics

Is cricket a part of the summer olyimpics?

no it is not

When was the olyimpics in Barcelona?

It was in the 1992 summer Olympics.

Most watched sport in the world 2008?

The summer Olyimpics

How Lisa Leslie is famous?

she is famous because she won the summer olyimpics.

What country won 36 gold medals at the 2008 summer olyimpics?


Did the 1992 summer olyimpics have soccer?

yes they did have soccer thats for Michael Gerbase

What conutry is hosting the 2010 winter olyimpics?

The 2010 winter Olympics are being held in Vancouver, BC.

Where is 2010 winter olyimpics being held?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

How many olyimpics has the city of los angeles hosted- and name the years they were held?

Two, the 1932 Summer Games and the 1984 Summer Games.

Which olympic athlete won the most medals in the summer olyimpics since the modern olyimpics?

Micheal Phelps-8 gold-swimming-America 7 world records-1 olympic record

What is the name of the woman who fell over in the winter olyimpics 2010?

Torah Bright i think from Australia

Is Summer 2011 or Summer 2010 fun?

Summer 2010 is fun

Can Vancouver 2010 be on Wii?

Well, if you want the 2010 olyimpics then try Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olyimpic Games for Wii and DS

When are the opening ceremonies for the 2010 winter olyimpics?

Friday, 2-12-10, 8:00 PST.

When was the special olyimpics?

The most recent special Olympics was held in 2010, in San Juan in Puerto Rico

What year is the next winter olyimpics?

The next winter olyimpics is in 2016

When is the summer sale in 2010?

In the summer

When do the olyimpics?


Where are the 2010 summer Olympics?

The 2010 summer Olympics are in London , England in 2012.

When do the summer Olympics stat for 2010?

There are no summer Olympics in 2010, they are in London in 2012.

What are dates for 2010 summer Olympics in South Africa?

There were no summer olympics in 2010.

When will Chris Hoy stop doing the olyimpics?

chris hoy will stop the olyimpics when he wants to