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Munich, West Germany.

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Q: Where is the 1972 Olympics swimming competition held?
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Name the largest swimming course?

If you are referring to competition pools, then your answer is Long Course Meters. This course, used in the Olympics, FINA World Championships, and US Summer Nationals, is 50 meters long. If you are referring to longest swimming competition, it's definitely open water swimming. The longest race held in the Olympics is the 25K.

When and where were the first swimming Olympics held?

The first Olympics were in 1896. They were held in Athens, Greece.

Where is the swimming held in 2008 Olympics?

It is held in the water cube

When was munich Olympics held?


Where were the 1970 summer Olympics held?

There were no 1970 Olympics. the y were held in 1968 and 1972.

Was synchronized swimming in the Olympics held in Athens Greece?

No it was not. It was added to the Olympics in 1984.

What venue is the swimming in the 2012 Olympics held?


The Olympics were held in Munich Germany?


When did swimming at the Olympics start?

Swimming has been held at every Olympic games since 1896. Open water swimming was added in the 2008 Olympics.

When was the tandem cycling race last held at an Olympics?

Tandem cycling was last held at the Olympics in 1972

Where is the swimming in Olympics going to be held?

im manor park

What were the archery targets at 1948 Olympics?

There was no official archery competition at the 1948 Olympics. On the day of the opening ceremonies there was an archery demonstration by wheelchair-bound servicemen and women injured in the war, which was one of the foundations of the modern Paralympics. The World Archery Competition was also held in London at the same time as the Olympic Games, but there was no archery competition at the Olympics until 1972. (Archery events had been held in 1900, 1904, 1908, and 1920.)