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Tennis is a popular sport in the UK mostly because Europe found this sport

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Q: Where is tennis currently popular?
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What is the most popular shoes for men?

The most popular shoes for men are currently tennis shoes. Nike is one of the most popular brands of these shoes for men.

How popular tennis it is?

Tennis is popular.

How popular is tennis in the US?

Tennis is somewhat popular though not even close to as popular as hockey.

Where is tennis popular in Indonesia?

Although tennis is popular allover Indonesia. Bali, a province in Indonesia is known for the longest running and most popular charity tennis event. There are many tennis courts and clubs in Bali.

What is the most popular tennis magazine in the world?

The most popular tennis magazine in the world is "Tennis" magazine. "Tennis" is a monthly magazine that has been published for over forty years and features news from the world of tennis.

Which is more popular cricket or table tennis?

Cricket is more popular than table tennis in South Africa

What is popular in Germany?

Tennis is popular in germany.

Is tennis a popular sport?

Yes, tennis is the 4th most popular sport in the world, 13th most popular sport in America, and the most popular individual sport in the world.

Which sport is more popular to play tennis or golf?


How popular is tennis in the UK?

Answer Very popular. Since the UK is apart of Europe, and Europe is all for tennis, it's very popular. That's why when you watch tennis in the US, all these people have funny and complicated names.

What is more popular tennis or golf?

Tennis! More people know the rules of tennis than they do golf!

Recently who is the topest tennis player?

Currently the number one men's tennis champion is Novak Djokavic.

Why is tennis popular in Australia?

Tennis is popular in Australia because it has always been the most popular sport in Australia since it was introduced in 1870's. It is a great spectator sport.

Why is tennis so popular in the UK?

Tennis is popular in the UK because one of the greatest grand slam tournament in located there. All tennis player would give anything to win a title at Wimbledon.

When did rod laver start playing tennis?

Rod Laver started playing tennis in 1973. He is an Australian tennis player that is currently inactive, and living in California.

Who is currently number one in tennis?

Rafael Nadal

How many proper tennis courts are in California?

There are an uncountable number of tennis courts in California; tennis is very popular in California

What are some popular sports in Puerto Rico?

Baseball... Tennis etc.

Are tennis gifts popular with tennis players?

"As many sites (who are trying to sell this merchandise, and thus may have an incentive to stretch the truth) will tell you, tennis gifts, including balls in the form of jewelry and other knick-knacks, are very popular with tennis players."

How did Rafael Nadal get started with tennis?

Well tennis is the 2nd most popular sport in the world. Combined that is uncle is a tennis coach he was bound to play tennis.

Is tennis famous in Spain?

tennis is not a famous sport in Spain It is popular.

What does tennis do?

Tennis is a competitive sport, a leisure past time, and a popular means of exercising.

Most popular sports in Italy?

tennis is quite popular in italy.

Who is the best men's tennis player?

Rafael Nadal is currently ranked no.1 men's singles tennis player (2010).

Is tennis popular in America?