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swimming is done in pools or any where with water like lakes or the ocean .... it is not played because its not a game

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Q: Where is swimming mostly played?
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Related questions

Where is swimming mostly popular?

in a pool

Were is swimming played?

In a swimming pool

What does a whale use its tail for?

Mostly for swimming

What is a harp seals locomotion?

it travels mostly by swimming.

Where is swimming played?

Swimming isn't played it's a race but you swim in a pool, lake, river or ocean.

How long can swimming be played?

Swimming can't not be played foll it a toucher sport as its very hard to breath

What is the locomotion of harp seals?

Seals travel mostly by swimming.

What year was swimming first played?

swimming was first played in 1896 at the first modern Olympic games in Athens.

When are sharks mostly active?

sharks are mostly active,if its swimming, or trying to find some thing to eat/attack.

Where is hockey mostly played?

Hockey is mostly played in Canada

Which muscles are used in swimming?

Mostly every muscle is used in swimming. I really can't think of any muscle that isn't used.

Is indoor swimming better than outdoor swimming?

Both the swimming pool has benefits and drawbacks. It's your lifestyle to choose the type of enjoyment but I would mostly prefer outdoor swimming. It can make me more comfortable with friends. From my point of view outdoor swimming is better than indoor swimming.

What is the most appropriate sport for girls?

It's mostly Volleyball or Swimming.

What are swimming hats made from?

Swim Caps are mostly made from silicone

Will you get fitter swimming or jogging?

Swimming is a more well-rounded work out. Swimmers get into better all around shape, while runners exercise mostly their legs. Both will reduce your percent body fat, and increase your lung capacity (mostly swimming though) and your endurance (depending on if it's cross country or not.) I would pick swimming, though, it's more fun. :)

What do crocs use their tale for more then swimming?

They use it for many things. They could use it for hitting their pray. They mostly use it for swimming though.

Why do we have the swimming Olympics?

Because Olympic swimming helps build upper and lower body muscles in the arms and legs mostly, but also the core.

Will swimming be played in the Olympics?

Yes. Aquatic sports include: Marathon Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Diving and Water Polo as well.

Where do astronauts train?

They mostly train in swimming pools, thousands of feet underwater.

How is geometry involved in a swimming pool?

lane lines are mostly perpendicular to the floor of the pool except for the slope. when swimming freestyle your arm formsan acute angle

What is the function of a swimming cap and what is it made of?

It is to keep water out of your hair. It is mostly made out of plastic.

How is swimming played?

Swimming isn't a game, you don't play it, you race. But the way you would win a swimming race would to get the fastest time in a race.

What can a crocodile's tail mostly do?

A crocodiles tale can mostly use for swimming and scaring away predators, but sometimes, they also use their tale for attacking their prey.

What is the most popular water sport in sydney?

The most popular is mostly rugby league but there is also union,AFL,soccer,swimming and many more The most popular is mostly rugby league but there is also union,AFL,soccer,swimming and many more

How swimming is played?

Swimming can't really be played. Swimming is more of a social event. You can swim for sport but its simply a timed race of a set stroke over a certain distance. E.g 50m Butterfly. Swimming is used, however, in sports such as water polo.

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