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Q: Where is row g 3 centre court Wimbledon?
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When will the Wimbledon 2009 Men's singles semi-finals be held?

According to the Wimbledon website (refer to the link, below), The Wimbledon 2009 Men's singles semi-finals will be held on Centre Court on Friday, July 3, not before 1pm GMT.

How many thirds of the court is the centre allowed in netball?


What time is the Men's Finals match at Wimbledon on July 3 2011?

The men's singles final will be held on Sunday, July 3rd, 2011. It is scheduled to be played on centre court at approximately 2:00 pm. Please refer to the related links for more information.

How long is a 3 pointer?

depending from where you shoot from the court. its either 18/19 from the side and 25+ from centre court

In indoor volleyball how far away is the end line from the net?

Nine meters - 3 meters from the net, parallel to it is the attack line, which splits the court into two 'courts' - front court and back court, also known as front row and back row, respectively.

Who has won 3 Wimbledon titles?

From Wimbledon's own official record: Men: 3: W.T. Tilden, B.F. Becker, A.W. Gore, J.D. Newcombe, J.P. McEnroe, W. Baddeley, F.J. Perry Women: 3: C.M. Evert-Lloyd, M.C. Connolly, D.K. Douglass, M. Smith-Court, M.E.A. Bueno

What are the positions in Rugby league?

1. fullback 2.wing 3.centre 4.centre 5.wing 6.five/8 7.halfback 8.prop 9.hooker 10.prop 11.second row 12.second row 13.lock 14/15/16/17. interchange

What are positions for a rugby league team?

Fullback-1 Right wing-2 Right centre-3 Left centre-4 Left wind-5 Five eight-6 Halfback-7 Prop-8 Hooker-9 Front row-10 Second row-11 & 12 Lock-13 Reserves- 14,15,16,17

How many tennis grand slams are there in a year?

1.Australian Open (Melbourne, Australia) - hard court 2.French Open/Roland Garros (Paris, France) - clay court 3.Wimbledon (London, UK) - grass court 4.US Open (New York, USA) - hard court

What famous sport is played at Wimbledon?

The Championships, Wimbledon, or simply, Wimbledon, is the oldest tennis tournament in the world and is widely considered as the most prestigious.[2][3][4][5] It has been held at the All England Club in the London suburb of Wimbledon since 1877. It is the oldest of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments, and the only one still played on grass courts. The tournament runs annually for 14 days from late June to early July, [6], with the climax being the men's singles final, scheduled for a Sunday. As of the 2008 tournament, five major events are contested, as well as four junior events and four invitational events. Wimbledon is third in the annual Grand Slam season. The hard court Australian Open and clay court French Open precede Wimbledon. The hard court U.S. Open follows. The grass court Queen's Club Championships also in London is a popular warm up tournament for Wimbledon. Wimbledon traditions include the eating of strawberries and cream, royal patronage, strict dress code for competitors, and ball boys and girls. A much unloved tradition, "rain stops play" calls leading to schedule over-runs, is set to be reduced with the fitting of a retractable roof to Centre Court from 2009.

Where can you measure 3 feet on a netball court?

The centre circle of a netball court is 3 feet. If you stand with your feet on one side and another player on the other side directly opposite you, it will give you a good indication the distance you have to stand

How many times did boris reach Wimbledon final?

Boris Becker reached the Wimbledon finals 7 times, winning 3.