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AC Milan

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Q: Where is ronaldinho living right now?
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Who is better ronaldinho or didier drogba now?


Which club is ronaldinho in?

he plays now for Athletico Miniero

Ronaldinho is a member of what soccer team?

Ronaldinho is currently a member of AC Milan.(His jersey is now 80 instead of 10.)

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Ronaldinho where is he from?

ronaldinho is from brasil even if he doesent play for brasil no more now that he retired but he still plays for flamengo football club ronaldinho was like if he had magic in his feet he was one of the best soccer players in history

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Was ronaldinho the captain of F C Barcelona?

No he is a foward and plays for the team and now brazil national team too but he is not captin

How much money is ronaldinho making now?

£6.54 million a year.

Who is the best free kick taker in the world in soccer?

Right now, probably Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldinho would be one. Roberto Carlos used to be the best in the world.

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