Where is nadals relatives?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Q: Where is nadals relatives?
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When is nadals birthday?

June 3, 1986

What is nadals sisters name?

Maria Isabel

What is nadals date of birth?

June 4th 1986.

What is Rafael Nadals percentage of a 5 set match?


What restaurant does Raphael Nadals father own?

Sa Punta

Is Carlos Bes one of Rafael Nadals practice partners?


Who was nadals opponent Wimbledon 2010?

Thomas Berdych

What is Rafael Nadals birthday?

June 3, 1986.

What is Rafael Nadal's favorite color?

Rafa's favorite color is yellow.

What are humans' farthest relatives?

Your question is a little too broad.Are you askingabout living relatives?relatives in the Genus Homo? (0 living relatives)relatives in the Tribe Hominini? (2 living relatives)relatives in the Subfamily Homininae? (4 living relatives)relatives in the Family Hominidae? (6 living relatives)relatives in the Superfamily Hominoidea? (~21 living relatives)relatives in the Superorder Euarchontoglires? (colugos, lagomorphs, primates, rodents, and treeshrews)...relatives in the Subphylum Vertebrata? (all animals with a spine)...relatives in the Kingdom Animalia? (all animals)...relatives in the monophyletic grouping Opisthokont? (all animals + fungi...)relatives in the Domain Eukaryota? (animals, plants, fungi, and protists...)

Are Rafael Nadals parents alive?

Yes, very much. Unless they're really busy (which I assume they're not, at the moment), it's likely that they'll be in Paris with him for the French Open.

Who are your relatives?

Relatives on your Mother's side of the family. Relatives on your Farther's side would be Paternal.