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High School football is most popular in Southern United States. Texas is known to be the most intense area for High School football. Texas also produces the most Divison I athletes.

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Q: Where is high school football most popular?
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What is the most popular high school sport?


What is idaho's most popular high school sport?


Who is the most popular high school football player in Texas?

The most popular high school football player in Texas is Matt Poursoltani. Matt, a senior from Pilot Point High School in Texas, is drawing attention as a football prospect because he can press 700 pounds.

How many people play high school football in the US?

There are around 1,088,158 high school students that play football in the United States. This makes it the most popular high school sport.

What is the Most popular sport played in high school?

the answer would be baketball and football

Which high school had the most football players play Division 1 football?

Barrington high school

What is the most popular high school in the world?

There is not a most popular high school in the world. Some high schools are larger than others but most popular schools are not listed.

What is the most interceptions ever thrown in a high school football game?

most interceptions thrown in state of texas high school football

What is the most popular sport in American schools?

Football is the most popular school sport.

What high school football team is the most winningest in the nation?

valdosta high school wildcats.

Who do you think is the most popular High School Musical carictetr?


Number 1 high school sport?

The number 1 high school sport is by far football!!!! Every on is always talking about it and at my school football games are the most crowded out of any other sports, so...... its pretty obvious that football is the most popular sport.-The response here actually depends on the country you live in. High Schools sports in the USA normaly have football as their main sport, in the UK highschools have Soccer followed by Rugby

What 3A high school has won the most state championships in a row in football?

Safford high school.

Who has the most high school football national championships?

Massillon Washington High School in Massillon, Ohio.

What South Carolina high school has won the most state championships in football?

gaffney high school

Which high school football program in Texas has produced the most NFL players?

Corsicana High School

Can you take a dog to a high school football game?

It matters what high school, but at most schools no.

Size of a high school football?

high school use adult size football. And most high school leagues use a collage style ball instead of a pro style

What are facts about Charles R. Drew?

Charles R. Drew was voted "Most Popular'' and ''Student Who Has Done The Most For The School" in high school. he was also the captain of the football team and college track team.

What is more popular in England football or fishing?

I think that football is more popular since most kids at school play football and there are alot of kids ion the uk.

What is the most popular high school in the us?

black holsley high

What are the most common injuries in high school football?


Which northern California high school football coach has the most wins?

Paradise High School, Paradise CA

Can you kick a field goal more than once in overtime in high school football?

yes. Most high school football overtimes go under college football OT rules.

What is the most popular sport in Botswana?

it is football, because students in school played well, and it is very popular

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