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Gymanstics is a very popular sport.. it is done almost everywhere in the world.. it is a western sport however and you may not find it out in the bush of very rural areas

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Q: Where is gymnastics played around the world?
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Where is gymnastics played?

First of all gymnastics isn't played, it's done. You do gymnastics, you don't play it. And secondly, people do gymnastics all over the world. I believe every continent except Antartica.

Where in the world is the sport gymnastics played?

it is played all over the world at the summer olimpices it is a major sport

Where is gymnastics played today?

Gymnastics is not played, it's done and competed.

How did soccer get all around the world?

As it is not hard or dangerous like gymnastics. It is a fast game and enjoyable and the best thing is that it can be played in the rain, both boys and girls play it.

When did gymnastics come around?

Nobody really knows for sure when gymnastics first came around. ALAINA: i know they had gymnastics in Egyptian times!

What country is the best at Gymnastics?

Currently, China is the best country at gymnastics. However, Nastia Luikin (of the U.S.) is currently the best all around gymnast in the world.

When was gymnastics first played?


Where is paintball played around the world?

All around the world. It's played everywhere.

What are the most popular sports played in the whole world?

Football (soccer) , Handball, Basketball, VoleyBall, Gymnastics, Rugby, ...

What percentage of the world do gymnastics?

Well, no one really knows, but I think about a quarter of the world. More people should do gymnastics. Just my opinion.

Where are the World Gymnastics Championships being held?

2013 gymnastics world championships will take place is Antwerp, Belgium

Is gymnastics played at an international level?

Yes, you can see footage from gymnastics in the 2008 Olympics on youtube.

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