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Its mostly plaked in the UK

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Q: Where is darts most played now?
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In which country was the first game of darts played?

Most likely England, but there is evidence that soldiers played the game in France and Germany.

What is the most played sport in Britain?

If you consider it a sport, I am pretty sure Darts is the most played sport in Britain. Most British pubs have a dartboard on it and people often play. Games like Football and Cricket for example, you can only play until a certain age so that knocks off at least half of the population. If you mean, what sport is played the most on a regular basis, then it is Darts.

What are the worlds most expensive darts?

black widows or anything from lazer darts

Is darts a sport?

yes darts is a sport and it is played it the olympics

Who is the current champion in darts?

Now its Adrian Lewis!

Does the Nerf vulcan shoot suction darts?

It should, since it shoots Whistler Darts and most of the blasters that shoot Whistler darts also shoot Micro Darts. It might jam the blaster, though.

What are the items included in darts equipment?

First of all, there is the Dartboard and two kinds of Darts ( 3 of each or more ). Most time there are also some additional peaces of Darts to replace damaged Darts.

What do you call the place where darts is played?

The location is the venue. The venue is almost always a bar/pub for league darts, but many local darts associations hold annual tournaments in hotel ballrooms.

What is the most popular sport in Olympia?


What Nerf guns take what darts?

The Dart Tag line takes the orange (or green), velcro-tipped darts. The Clip System line uses the darts with the conical orange tip. Most pistols use indigo or black suction-tipped darts. Others will have their specific darts in the box with them.

Can the Nerf vulcan shoot suction darts?

Presumably it should because the Whistler Darts it fires are very close to Micro Darts, and most blasters compatible with one are compatible with the other.

Were did darts come from?

The traditional English pub type darts game that was carried over from America by European settlers