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On a Basketball court.

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Q: Where is basketball mostly played?
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What country is women basketball mostly played?


Were is basketball played?

It is mostly played in America and some parts of South America and Europe.

Is basketball played all over the world?

Yes, basketball is played all over the world, and is popular in mostly America.

What is the most common played sport for girls?

mostly baseball,soccer,and basketball

What sports are played in Port-au-prince?

mostly soccer amd basketball

What sports are played in Norway?

Norway has lots of snow in the winter, so skiing is a popular sport there. Handball, football, and basketball are also very popular. The girls mostly play handball, while the boys mostly stick to football and basketball.

What music is played at basketball games?

Mostly the popular music during that time. nowadays rap and hip hop

What is a sport only played outside of the US?

netball- its like basketball with no net, no backboard, higher goals, and you can't run with the ball. it is played in Australia, mostly by girls.

How many sports did Wilma Rudolph play?

Mostly track and field, but she played basketball at a pretty high level in high school.

What is the difference between netball and handball?

In handball you have goals and in netball you have a net(like in basketball). Balls are different. Netball is mostly(only) played by females.

Which basketball team does Michael Jordan mostly belong?

Who played most of his career with the Chicago Bulls but played 2 seasons with the Washington Wizards. But he now owns the Charlotte Bobcats

What is the most played sport in us?

Actually, I found that in USA mostly Football and Basketball played lot by child and young guys. They just love to enjoy this sport in them nation.

What is Netball's national country?

Netball was started in England in the late 1890's. It's a version of American basketball, netball is mostly played by women. It is played by two teams of seven players.

Which position plays mostly defense in basketball?

All positions play defense. If not all positions played defense, someone would always be open.

Were and when was basketball first played?

Basketball was first played in NewYork.

When is basketball played?

Basketball is played during the Fall to the Spring

What sport do they mostly play?

I mostly play basketball, because it is a good sport.

Where is basketball played at biejing?

Basketball is played at the Wukesong Culture and Sports Center - Olympic Basketball Arena.

Where can basketball be played?

Basketball is played in parks,and gyms. You can play basketball inside such as gyms and outside such as parks.

What was basketball originally played with?

James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, played basketball with a soccer ball and peach basket.

What is the best paying fitness job?

Sometimes basketball sometimes football ithink its mostly basketball...

Where was basketball first played?

Basketball was first played in Springfield, Massachusetts, where it was invented.

What are the differences in womens and mens basketball?

Men's basketball is played by Men. Women's basketball is played by Women. You asked.

Where is basketball generaly played?

on a basketball court

What is hawaiian basketball?

Basketball played in Hawaii.