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WD or Wing Defence is allowed in the first 2 thirds of the court, the third they are in and the middle third. They are not allowed in the goal circle.

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Q: Where is WD allowed on the netball court?
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What does WD mean in netball?

WD is short for Wing Defence, a position on court.

Who is allowed on the majority of the court in netball?

the centre is allowed everywheer in the netball court besides the goal circles

What does WD andWA mean in netball?

WD is short for Wing Defence and WA is short for Wing Attack, which are both positions on court.

What are the main roles in netball?

There are seven positions in the game of netball. GS- Main shooter and is only allowed in one third of the court and in circle. GA- Secondary shooter but can put up as much shots as GS. Is allowed in two thirds and in circle. WA- Main feeder for shooters and is allowed in two thirds C- Defender and Attacker. Can feed to the shooters and help defense. Allowed in whole court except circles. WD- Allowed in two parts of the court. Helps defender outside of circle. GD- Marks the GA, allowed in two thirds and the circle GK- Marks the GS and is only allowed in one third and the circle.

In netball where on the court can wd go?

wd can go in the top left hand or the top right hand corner by the goal kepper [g k] or the goal shotter [g s]

Where is a Gk allowed on the court of netball?

Gk is allowed in the defending third only and the 'D'.

Who is allowed on the majority of the netball court where arthey not allowed to go?

center,the center is not allowed in the goal circles

How many thirds of the court is the centre allowed in netball?


What does WA and WD do in netball?

Basically Wing Attack marks the other teams Wing Defence and Vice verse for the Wing Defence. If you're wondering where they are allowed on the netball court, imagine you are the wing attack. You are allowed in the centre third (same applies for wing defence) and you're attacking third (the way you are shooting). If you are playing wing defence you are not allowed in the attacking third, so you are defending the other teams goal. (The wings aren't allowed in the semicircles either).

In netball where is the center aloud?

In netball, the centre is allowed all over the court exceot in either goal circle.

Where is the gs allowed in netball?

They are allowed to move around 1/3 of the court on the offensive part of the court, including the semi-D^^

Where is goal defense allowed in netball court?

goal defence is allowed up to the second line

What are the 7 netball poistions and are they allowed on the pitch?

the 7 positions are GD, GA, GS, GK, WD, WA, C and no they can not yhe pitch

How many players are there on court for a netball team?

there are 7 players on a netball court. GS GA WA C WD GD GK

What does the C in netball do?

The Centre Helps out the WA,WD,GD and GA. They are allowed in all of the court apart from the two D's at either end. It is one of the hardest positions to play as it requires you to do alot of running around to get the ball to your GS and GA. Hope this helps:)

What is the description of offsite in a netball game?

I think you mean offside. If you do, in netball each position has an area in which they are allowed to go in which is separated but the lines on the court. However if a position goes in an area of the court where they are not allowed, then a free pass will be awarded to the other team

What does WD stand for in netball?

wing deffence

How many people are allowed on at once in netball?

there are allowed to be 7 people on the court at once but 10 people on a team

What does the WD in netball do?

The WD defends the place near the goal circle. They are not aloud in the goal circle.

How far is a ball allowed to travel in the game of netball?

up to 1/3 of the court.

How many passes can you do in netball?

You can do as many passes down the court but there is a very important link called the basic link which goes gk to wd, wd to gd, gd to c,c to wa,wa to ga and maybe ga to gs

How can you improve your regional netball WD skills?


What does center do in a netball game?

In a netball game center starts of with the ball in the circle and then is allowed to run the whole court except for both of the goal circles

What is the area of a netball court?

what is the area of a netball court

In the magic netball team who plays wd?

Joline Henry